Tragic Motor Accident Hit NTA

Hon. Tarnue N. Jeke, Managing Director Of The National Transit Authority
Hon. Tarnue N. Jeke, Managing Director Of The National Transit Authority
Photo Credit: NTA

Fellow Liberians, the Board of Directors, Management and Staff of the National Transit Authority (NTA) regret to announce a tragic accident involving one of NTA buses at Zeanzue, Bong County.


Bus No. 5138 left Monrovia on Tuesday at 8:00am and headed for Ganta, Nimba County.The bus crew consisted of Mr. Robert F. Lamie (driver) and Saymon Jarwleah (conductor). Bus No. 5138departed Red Light with 68 passengers, including women and children.


At 12:00 noon aroundZeanzue in Bong County, bus No. 5138 operated by Robert F. Lamie experienced a tragic accident. The cause of this accident is still unknown. Officers of the Liberia National Police and our accident investigation team are investigating the cause of this tragic accident


Fellow Liberians, as a result of the sad event, we lost six (6) commuters and several others sustained major and minor injuries. Immediately upon hearing the disturbing news, we dispatched an advanced team to Zeanzue. The locals of Zeanzue, LNP officers, other commuters and our advanced team worked frantically to remove our fellow Liberians from the wreckage.


Fellow Liberians, we like to inform you that it is been confirmed that  six of our fellow Liberian commuters died during the accident and 55 commuters sustained injuries (major & minor)and were taken to Phebe Hospital.On the same day, Phebe Hospital treated and discharged 30 commuters who experienced minor injuries. Currently, twenty-five (25) commuters are being treated at Phebe Hospital in Suakoko, Bong County. Information on these commuters will be released to the press and public as they unfold.


Fellow Liberians, the National Transit Authority is deeply hurt and saddened by this accident. As we face this national catastrophe, we are in prayer and remain empatheticwiththose Liberians who are victims of this tragedy. Along with our insurance partners and the Liberia National Police, we will do everythingin our grasp to bring the situation under control and to work with the medical team at Phebe Hospital.


May their souls and the souls of all faithful departed rest in perfect and perpetual peace.