A Partial View Of The New Buses
A Partial View Of The New Buses
Photo Credit: NTA

The National Transit Authority with delight announces the arrival of four new buses which are intended to increase access to mass transit services in Liberia. The new buses were built with four wheel drive, luggage compartment, fans and hydraulic brakes. These special features, especially four wheel drive capacity and multiple luggage compartments, were required by the Management of NTA based on our intent to extend our mass transit services to two additional counties to satisfy the transportation needs of our citizens. The Management of NTA plans to establish two new routes to Lofa and Grand Gedeh counties following an imminent road assessment by our Operations Department. The public shall be duly notified of our schedule for the two new routes after the assessment is favorable.


We are also pleased to inform you of the arrival of four Indian Nationals who are here to help build the technical capacity of our mechanics and other personnel in our workshop. The team of Indian technicians shall spend the next one year in Liberia, training and working with our mechanics to trouble shoot and solve technical problems that may arise on the buses intermittently.


Additionally, two mechanics of NTA are scheduled to leave for Chennai, India to attend a training program which spans over a period of two weeks. The training is expected to commence from the 3rd and runs till the 17th of February 2013. This training program is also geared towards enhancing their current skill set and manifests Management’s efforts to adequately prepare the Technical Department to face the challenges that come along with a growing fleet of buses.


The Management of the National Transit Authority has a duty by law, to provide affordable convenient and reliable mass transit services to the people of Liberia. We shall remain committed to the fulfillment of this duty.