The management of the National Transit Authority under the providential guidance of Hon. Karmo D. Ville has brought into the country eight new buses produced in India by Ashok Leyland. The arrival of the buses in the country is in keeping with the 150 days deliverables of the Sirleaf-led government.



The dedicatory ceremony held on the grounds of the NTA on the Somalia Drive was attended by a host of government officials and well wishers.



In his remarks at the program, the Minister of Transport, Hon. Lenn Eugene Nagbe praised President Sirleaf for her vision to see Liberia move from a failed and pariah state to an institutionalized and respectable state in the comity of nations-a state where freedom will be accorded every citizen in having access to various social services. He further praised Hon. Ville for his steadfastness in working exceedingly hard to make sure that the buses arrive on time.



Speaking during the formal dedication of the buses, the Chief Executive, President Sirleaf praised the management of the NTA for living up to her expectations and for improving the facilities at the entity. She intimated that plans are being worked out for the NTA to begin conveying civil servants to work, a move that will help ease the burden of government ministries and agencies. The president said that the cabinet has begun reviewing the New Management fleet Policy carved by the General Services agency (GSA) noting that the policy will allow government officials to pay for their assigned vehicles on a gradual basis and later own them.



Speaking at the ceremony, the Managing Director, Hon. Karmo D. Ville said that the buses are the newest brand of Falcons which are superior to the current fleet of buses.  They have features such as retarders/exhaust brakes-which reduce wear and tear of brakes lining, reinforced bumpers, a strong gear system, tubeless tyres, engine lock, fans and luggage compartments. Hon. Ville further intimated that the additional eight buses bring to forty one buses owned by the entity and added that four other buses are due in the country by November. “New routes will be established in order to afford people in other parts of the country have access to efficient transport services” the progressive Managing Director promised.



For her part, the Chairman of the Board of the NTA, Hon. Alomiza Ennos stated that the 12 new buses including their spare parts cost $861,000 USD and that the entity will shortly send one of its heavy duty mechanics to India for technical orientation and such person upon return will train their colleagues