The National Transit Authority (NTA) has joined the UITP (International Association of Public Transport). The UITP is the organization for public transport authorities and operators, policy makers, scientific institutes and public transport supply and service industry.



The UITP supports a holistic approach to urban mobility and advocates for public transport development and sustainable mobility.



The management of the NTA, in consonance with its mandate to stimulate, coordinate, strengthen, and develop a comprehensive and robust transport sector in Liberia, opted to form part of this great body. It intends to use its association with this great organization to seek opportunities for capacity building and strategic and innovative support to the institution with a goal of improving service delivery to the people of Liberia.



In October of this year, two officials of the NTA: Hon. Tarnue Jeke and Mr. E. Cosby Pelham flew to Johannesburg, South Africa to partake in a UATP forum in order to strategize in stimulating the transport industry in Africa. The UATP is the African Counterpart of the UITP.



Upon their return to the country, the two officials thanked the Managing Director of the NTA, Hon. Karmo D. Ville for his inspirational leadership and foresight in making Liberia a part of this international body.



For his part, Hon. Ville expressed gratitude to both men for their outstanding performance and hoped for more opportunities to augment employees’ capacity at the NTA.