The scope and duties of our Finance Department are multiple and varied. For the most part the duties include all things related to budgeting, from appropriations to expenditure control and auditing. Over the last twelve months the department has evolved into an entity that has increased its shareholder’s (GOL) value as the company has overall increased its services to the Liberia public. NTA has become the dominant choice of the riding public for effective public transport service management.


Specific functions that the Finance department implements include but not limited to the following activities:


  • Budget preparation and appropriation
  • Expenditure control
  • Audit
  • Tax management
  • Pension management
  • Resource mobilization through loans, savings, credit, investment and debt management
  • Establishment of rules and procedures concerning financial transactions
  • Contracts, recovery and refund of revenue., etc
  • Enforce NTA’s adherence to all Government of Liberia
  • Financial Management Laws and PPCC regulations