Welcome Remarks from the Managing Director

Herbbie McCauley
Managing Director
Herbbie McCauley Managing Director
Photo Credit: NTA

I am pleased to welcome you to the official website of the National Transit Authority (NTA). The NTA is the public transportation company of the Government of Liberia responsible to provide access to affordable, convenient and reliable mass transit services to the people of Liberia. NTA has a fleet of 42 buses that operate in seven (8) counties – Bomi, Bong, Grand Bassa, Grand Cape Mount, Margibi, Montserrado Grand Gedeh and Nimba. We specialize in regular transit service, charter & special services on 14 designated routes in Liberia.

NTA currently transports approximately 244,000 Liberians monthly. This demand is even higher as evidenced by crowdedness on our buses and at various bus stops & street corners during peak hours (early morning & late afternoon) each day

Over the next three years, we intend to position the authority to achieve primarily three goals:

I.          Develop a shared vision/strategic plan that will clearly articulate public transit interventions in our country. This plan shall include specifics on the required modes of mass transit for both rural and urban dwellers, range of services for the public; means of access of specify groups (students, disable, elderly, etc.) in society and means of payment.

II.         Strengthen the capacity of the entity to guarantee operationally effective, efficient and sustainable mass transit service for the people of Liberia. This entails three things:

i.         Acquisition of additional transit buses and other forms of public conveyances to expand and increase access to affordable transportation services for majority of Liberians needing the service;

ii.         Improve transit infrastructure to promote and allow for regular repair & maintenance service of the transit buses;

iii.        Build the capacity of our workforce to meet the growing technical and operational demands of the entity.

III.       Herald and ensure strict accountability and transparency in the financial management and use of revenue, subsidy and grants for and/or from mass transit services. To this end, we seek to:

i.          Become more accountable to the government and people of Liberia by providing accurate & reliable financial reports on a regular basis in line with national financial laws and international best practices;

ii.         Inspire productivity and honesty to boost mass transit revenue – through a mix of rewards & recognition of employees with outstanding performance and stronger monitoring of field operation to ensure compliance with management policies;

iii.        Cut waste and abuse in the utilization of corporate funds. Ensure that all expenditure meet the ultimate test of “value for money” to the people of Liberia.

With the support of the Government of Liberia led by His Excellency George M. Weah, our dynamic Board of Directors, the committed workforce here at NTA and the peace loving and supportive people of Liberia we are confident that we can make this change. We also solicit the support and cooperation of foreign partners and institutions. Working together, we can make access to public transportation in Liberia a relevant social protection tool to help alleviate poverty, stimulate the engines of growth and guarantee the free movement of our people to places of work, school and other interest.

Thank you all for the opportunity to serve you. We remain grateful.


Office of the Managing Director

NTA is headed by a Managing Director (MD) who is closely assisted by two deputies: Deputy Managing Director for Administration (DMDA) and Deputy Managing Director for Operations (DMDO).

The office of the managing director is responsible to develop overall strategic plans and policies of the National Transit Authority and coordinate successful implementation.  To effectively coordinate these activities, the office of the managing director maintains access over adequate information relevant to strategic decision-making. The department of quality control and corporate communication liaison works directly with and under the close supervision of the managing director to strengthen and ensure implementation of its strategic planning and policy role at NTA.


In addition, the office of the managing director serves as Secretary to the Board of Directors of the entity.  In this role, the office prepares correspondences & resolutions for the Board and facilitates quarterly and emergency Board meetings in line with the Act and by-laws of the entity.


The office of the managing director directs the implementation of NTA’s budget and file regular reports about the operation of the entity to the Minister of Finance, Bureau of State Enterprises and through the Board of Directors to the Office of the President of the Republic of Liberia.



Monrovia – President George Manneh Weah’s pro-poor agenda exemplified by the slash of his salary and benefits by 25 percent is worth emulating, some officials of his government believe.

In this regard, the newly appointed Managing Director of the National Transit Authority (NTA) in a press conference on Tuesday disclose that he and his principal deputies have agreed to cut their salaries and benefits in support of the President’s agenda. 

According to Herbie McCauley, their salaries would be cut by 25 percent while gasoline supply would be reduced by 50 gallons monthly. 

“The Managing Director is reducing 25% from his salary on monthly basis.

His deputies and other employees including the comptroller and corporate affairs manager have also decided to reduce their salaries by 10% per month,” Mr. McCauley disclosed. 

According to him, the reduction would save US$21,600 annually, while 3,300 gallons of fuel amounting to US$10,890 per annum would also be saved. 

“Hence a total of US$32,490 will be saved and channeled to increasing the salaries of staffs that are making below the amount of US$200.00 per month,” he said. 

McCualey told reporters that as part of his first 150 days plan, he intends strengthening partnership with countries like India to help revamp the NTA and ensure that transportation needs of the commoners are addressed. 

He said he inherited 34 buses but has only 15 operational.

“The rest of the other fleet need repairs and we need to invest heavily in those other buses,” he added. 

According to him, as a means of making transportation available through the NTA in all parts of the country, his administration is considering setting up outstations in Nimba and Grand Bassa Counties.